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Are these courses approved by the Florida Barbers Board?

Yes, both courses are approved for your initial barber license and renewing license requirements. See our approval letter.

When do I have to complete my continuing education courses for license renewal?

The Florida Barbers Board requires you complete your course requirement by July 31st of even-numbered years.

What are renewal fees?

The board requires you pay renewal fees along with completing continuing education requirements at the end of each renewal cycle. The fees are as follows:

  • Barber = $105
  • Restricted Barber = $105
  • Barbershop = $155
  • Barber Assistant = $25

How do I work as a barber in Florida from out of state?

If you are looking to work in Florida with an out of state license, or seeking an endorsement license, click here to learn about the requirements.

If you need to complete the required HIV/AIDS training for your endorsement license, visit our Florida Online Cosmetology website to learn more.

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