Are these courses approved by the Florida Barbers Board?

Yes, both courses are approved for your initial barber license and renewing license requirements.

When do I have to complete my continuing education courses for license renewal?

The Florida Barbers Board requires you complete your course requirement prior to the end of each renewal cycle.

What if I don't take my continuing education by my renewal date?

If you do not complete your HIV/AIDS continuing education prior to the end of your renewal license, your license cannot be renewed.

What are renewal fees?

The board requires you pay renewal fees along with completing continuing education requirements at the end of each renewal cycle. The fees are as follows:

  • Barber = $105
  • Restricted Barber = $105
  • Barbershop = $155
  • Barber Assistant = $25

What if I have not completed my continuing education?

All licensees are required to complete the continuing education courses prior to the expiration of their license. You will not be permitted to work unless your license is currently active. If you have not paid the renewal fees and completed your continuing ed prior to your expiration date, your license will become inactive.

Do I need the HIV/AIDS update course?

If you are a Barber, Restricted Barber or a Barber Assistant you need 2-hours of board-approved HIV/AIDS update at the end of each renewal cycle, prior to your license expiration date.

How are the courses offered?

You have 2 options to take the course - online or through pdf. You will be presented with both options at the start of the course, as well as how to complete the final exam.

Is your course open book?

The final exam is open book. We provide the course in downloadable pdf which you can use as a study guide to help pass the final exam.

My license is currently inactive/delinquent. What do I do?

You must complete your required continuing education course and submit your renewal fees for the current renewal cycle.

How can I see if I've completed continuing education credits for my renewal cycle?

You can see your continuing education history by visiting MyFloridaLicense.com and logging into your account.

How do I work as a barber in Florida from out of state?

If you are looking to work in Florida with an out of state license, or seeking an endorsement license, click here to learn about the requirements: http://www.floridaonlinebarber.com/florida-license-requirements/

If you need to complete the required HIV/AIDS training for your endorsement license, visit: http://www.floridaonlinecosmetology.com/cosmetology-continuing-education.aspx

Do I need to renew my endorsement license?

If you are approved to receive an endorsement licensure, you will need to meet the requirements for renewal each renewal cycle, which is a two-year period. Part of that application process is continuing education. You can find out more information about that here: http://www.floridaonlinebarber.com/hiv-aids-continuing-education/

Is my completion reported to the state?

Completion of continuing education courses are reported to the state using the license information you provide within the course. However, courses to receive your initial license will not be reported. You will need to provide proof of completion (which is available for instant download upon successful course completion) to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation when you apply for your first license.